Shower door options for bathroom

Shower door options for bathroom

If you have been designing your home or refurbishing it then your bathroom must be the centre of attention because that is the one place in your whole house which is solely dedicated to you and your personal use and it better be attractive enough to spend more time in. This is why here we have lined up different shower glass partition options for your bathroom that will instantly enhance the look.

  • Frameless glass doors

Everyone seems to be obsessed with the frameless glass door look which have close to know metal framing but just the delicate intricate glass look. This kind of door is made from a sturdy glass which does not need the support of metal to work. Moreover this kind of framing allows a see through look in the shower compartment which has the perfect tiles and gleaming hardware to show off.

  • Framed shower doors

This is another kind which is seen used excessively in the houses but instead of being frameless they have a neat sharp framed glass door. This kind of frame can be customized in any colour to match with the interiors of the rest of the place. Most people like to pair the look of the framed glass door with the faucets and hardware of the bathroom so that everything looks put together and in place.

  • Sliding glass doors

Though the opening of your shower door should depend on your style and preference but it becomes necessary to consider the opening when the layout of your bathroom does not allow a lot of space. Usually glass doors are used for tube partition but there is nothing wrong in having one on for the shower as well. Glass sliding doors Dubai easily save money and space with an elegant look.

  • Textured opaque look

If you are not a fan of clear glass then this idea will do wonders for you as the textured opaque look will give you the perfect interiors while keeping your privacy private. This kind of glass look is usually framed and the texture is found in many different colours or even a crystal glass opaque look. You can check out several designs and choose your favourite one for your bathroom which will give you the ease and satisfaction of being in charge.

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