What is Melasma Laser Treatment?

What is Melasma Laser Treatment

If you are looking for best results in treating your dark underarms and other areas of your body such as the chest, face, back and shoulder, then you might want to try Melasma laser treatment. If your skin is having red, purplish, or even yellowish coloration in your underarm area, then you might be suffering form Melasma. In this article, we will provide you information about Melasma laser treatment which is believed to be the best treatment option for this condition.

  1. The main benefit of plasma-laser treatment and physiotherapy home service in Dubai is that it helps treat hyperpigmentation of the skin in an effective way. If your skin is having gray, brown, or blackish patches on the underarm area, you might be suffering from Melasma. This condition is also known as the curse of men.
  2. Nowadays, there are lots of dermatologists who use dermabrasion, chemical peels, thermage, laser skin resurfacing, and many more for treating melanoma. Some of these treatments are used as prevention treatments while some are used for treating symptoms of melanoma and reducing its intensity. In case of severe cases of melanoma, which do not respond to other treatments or are found to be too severe, the patient may undergo the surgical procedure for removing hyperpigmentation.
  3. Some women are using concealer for melasma. Concealer works by making the affected areas appear lighter than the rest of the skin. There are certain concealers which are especially made for treating melanoma and are available without a prescription. Women who are pregnant are advised to avoid using concealer during this period.
  4. Concealer however helps the plasma sufferer to make him look good and in control pills which have a variety of ingredients like Drysol, Minoxidil, argireline, hydroxatone, ketoconazole etc. can be used by the woman to reduce the intensity of the patches.
  5. Now, the question that comes up in everyone’s mind is, why would anyone want to have a laser treatment for melasma? Melasma is actually a side effect of the pigment in your body called melanin, which is present in fair complexions. The plasma pigment in the iris gets dark and the surrounding tissue becomes pale which is referred to as melasma.
  6. Melasma is generally caused due to exposure to the sun. The exposure can be from birth or pregnancy when the mother is in her peak reproduction period. The other causes can be from genetic disorders where the melanocytes in the skin are mutated.