Significance of IVF treatment

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF technique is one of the best options for becoming pregnant if any of the partner is suffering from infertility issues or genetic diseases. Before proceeding towards the significance you must know that what IVF treatment basically is. In this technique first of all the ovaries are stimulated through appropriate hormonal therapy for almost 12 days, then after it a  trigger shot is given to rupture the follicle and obtain the eggs from the ovaries. On the same side semen sample is collected from the male partner to get the sperms. The eggs and sperms are then fertilized in laboratory under controlled condition and supervision of an expert embryologist. After fertilization the best fitted embryo is chosen which is then implanted into woman’s uterus so that the fetus may grow normally in the womb.

This technique is quite significant in various complications, some of the common ones are discussed below.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a very common condition in most of the cases of infertility. In this condition there is an overall hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body especially insulin resistance which results in multiple complications. The main hindrance in conceiving for the woman having PCOS is excessive weight gain. Well, this condition has to be controlled in a proper way. If the patient fails to respond to ovulation induction and other medications then IVF is one of the best option and is found to be quite successful in PCOS.

Ovarian failure

We all know that after menopause the woman is unable to conceive as the production of eggs is stopped. Several studies have shown that woman after the age of 35 faces a lot of difficulty in becoming pregnant because the normal ovarian function starts declining after 30’s. But some women even suffer from pre-mature ovarian failure due to which there are no eggs with which the sperm could fertilize. In such situation IVF holds great significance as donor eggs can be utilized to help the couple in having their baby.


Well, endometrium is the inner most lining of the uterus which play a very important role in withholding the pregnancy and preventing miscarriages. Endometriosis is a condition in which an excessive lining grows outside the uterus just like the one present inside (endometrium) resulting in a painful condition which affects ovaries and fallopian tubes. In such case IVF has shown to be the most successful option in helping the woman to become pregnant. View website for more information.