Paediatric Neurologists – Facts

A pediatric neurologist in Dubai treats children from birth through adolescence or early adulthood. They are specially trained to deal with a child’s specific neurological problems, such as seizures, brain injuries, or cerebral palsy.

A pediatric neurologist treats a very large number of patients yearly. They treat many more patients with complex or even rare neurological disorders than any other neurologists. For this reason, their education and experience to ensure that they have the best possible skills and knowledge when it comes to caring for these children.

When to Take a Kid to a Pediatric Neurologist: A child who has been referred by their pediatrician may go onto visit a specialist in a hospital, but a good pediatric neurologist should also be able to do a thorough examination of the child at home first before proceeding. During a home visit, the doctor may look for signs of:

  • developmental delays
  • lack of coordination
  • headaches

Some doctors look for evidence of fevers and infections, but other doctors look for more subtle signs of neurological problems. When looking at your child, be sure to note if he or she wakes up often or seems drowsy and irritable after having a nap. Also, ask your child how he feels after a meal or snack and if he is hungry or not.

How Does a Pediatric Neurologist Discover Medical Issues in a Baby?

Children with developmental delays or those with extremely intellectual disabilities can benefit greatly from the care of a pediatric neurologist. Because of the specialized skills they possess, these doctors are better able to identify brain dysfunction and abnormalities in their patients. They have to be trained specifically in the detection of neurological problems and the treatments for these problems.

Common Medical Issues Often Seen by Pediatric Neurologists: One of the most common areas of specialization for a child neurologist is those dealing with autism. The most common symptoms of autism in children are a lack of communication and attachment to objects. A child neurologist can be particularly helpful here since not only can he or she diagnose certain characteristics of autism but can also treat and even help manage this condition. Specialized treatment plans are developed by pediatric neurologists that are geared toward improving communication, physical ability, guiding about gastric balloon in Dubai and socialization of autistic children.

Who can Treat Seizures of Children?

A child neurologist treats seizures but not just those that result in functional deficits. He or she may treat seizures that result in structural damage in the brain such as those that can occur with traumatic brain injury. He or she can also treat those seizures that are caused by hormonal issues such as those related to:

  • pregnancy
  • puberty
  • adrenal glands