Types of Workplace Health and Safety Training

There are several different workplace health and safety training courses that your workers should receive. These can range from general safety to specific training. Some of the more popular workplace health and safety training types include Job hazard analysis, Disaster management, and psychosocial hazards. Managers should also receive training in safety programs and leadership skills. And for employees, it’s important to offer both leadership and management training and individual instruction.

Job hazard analysis

The importance of job hazard analysis is often overlooked. Injuries can be caused by human error, improper procedures, and new processes. When performing this analysis, it is vital to include employees and supervisors, who will review the job hazard and decide if the task can be changed or eliminated. If a change is not possible, it may be possible to reduce the risk by altering the sequence, using different safety equipment, or implementing new protective measures.

Disaster management

The following article discusses various types of disaster management training for employees. These courses cover topics such as evacuating your workplace, types of protective equipment, and hazard assessment and risk communications. This article has been revised and updated to reflect the most recent disaster management training standards. This article aims to help your employees understand how to respond to a disaster to save as many lives as possible. We’ll also explore different training methods.

Psychosocial hazards

While the psychological impact of work isn’t always visible, many employers are increasingly taking steps to protect their employees from psychosocial hazards. The effects of these workplace hazards can have long-term consequences. For example, employees are five times more likely to suffer from some types of cancer than people in the general population. Additionally, increased risk means higher costs to the employer, including increased absenteeism and short and long-term disability.

Modular training

Modular workplace health and safety training is an excellent way to increase health and safety awareness among your workforce. Designed for professionals, the curriculum offers comprehensive and flexible options for different audience types. Individuals working in a single economic sector or an international organization can extract activities and exercises relevant to their situation. However, businesses looking to train employees from other countries and international organizations can use the same format. It is also an excellent choice for businesses that employ deskless workers or those located in remote regions.