SHAMS Free zone Business Set-Up – Everything You Need to Know About It

There are many benefits to setting up a business in a free zone, including low entry requirements, no annual audits, and no physical presence. Additionally, starting a business in a SHAMS-free zone is a tax-free option that allows you to repatriate your earnings and capital. Listed below are some benefits of SHAMS business set up.

Ability to establish a company without a physical presence:

Compared to the traditional company formation process, a SHAMS free zone offers several advantages, including the ability to establish a company without a physical presence. Unlike a traditional company, a SHAMS free zone allows you to set up your business without worrying about annual audits or capital block requirements. It also offers an array of benefits for the business owner, including fast, convenient, and efficient client service.

Offers a streamlined business set-up process for new businesses:

SHAMS offers a streamlined business set-up process for new businesses and can facilitate 100% foreign ownership. The company is 100% foreign-owned, and you do not need a current sponsor’s NOC to establish a company there. SHAMS has invested in infrastructure, document processing systems, and physical facilities to ensure a smooth and trouble-free business set-up process. After choosing your legal entity, the next step is gathering licenses and opening corporate bank accounts.

It has an excellent infrastructure:

If you are looking for a flexible place to run your e-commerce business, then the Shams free zone is a good choice. The SHAMS free zone has many advantages for entrepreneurs. Its excellent infrastructure and business community help to boost your startup’s chances. Besides, you will also have access to regular networking events, seminars, and conferences. Whether you plan to sell products or offer services online, you can take advantage of the free zone’s support services.

Flexible office options:

Located in the Emirate of Sharjah, the SHAMS Free Zone offers flexible office options for your business. With a central location near the Sharjah International Airport, SHAMS is an ideal place for you to set up shop, offering services or professional activities to clients. Additionally, businesses registered in SHAMS Free Zone are eligible for tax benefits, including 0% corporate tax, full repatriation of profits and capital, and no import duties. Flexible office options for businesses in SHAMS are available for individuals or companies who cannot afford separate offices.